Founder | Goldbar Team

Juan Carlos Barreneche is the Founder of The Goldbar Team, a top ranked real estate team servicing NY & FL. At just 28 years old, he is one of the most successful leaders in the industry with over $250M+ in sales. In just 3 years, Juan Carlos has attracted more than 1,200+ agents to his brokerage at Exp Realty. Juan’s long term goals include growing his organization to 10,000+ agents globally, continuing to interview incredible agents on his Goldbar Podcast, and disrupting the real estate coaching industry.


Partner | Goldbar Team

Abel Curiel is the Vice President of the Goldbar Real Estate Team with eXp Realty. He is proud to say that they are one of the only real estate teams in NY that specialize in working with buyers. Over the last few years, they have created a system to help as many clients as possible achieve their real estate goals.

Ever since he could remember, Abel was always fascinated in helping people achieve their goals. Born and raised in Queens, Abel is the son of first generation immigrants from the Dominican Republic. As a kid, he would always go out of his way to help his siblings or friends with whatever they needed.

During highschool Abel was the captain of the b…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Ms Bergstrand has a very long term experience within real estate and in particular sales and management. With a family business plus +20 years in NYC, Ms. Bergstrand understands the importance of market search, marketing, customer service and negotiation skills. Ms. Bergstrand experience span from investment properties, townhomes and co-ops & condos and rentals in NYC including properties such as The Plaza Private Residences, The Grand Madison, The Link, The O’Neill, 20 Pine Street, The Sheffield, The Downtown Condominiums and many more.


Partner | Goldbar Team

Ecaterina Morosan is a Residential Real Estate Agent and a proud partner at The Goldbar Real Estate Team, eXp Realty. She and her teammates believe that a good relationship is always above any transaction. She represents both sides of a sale process: sellers and buyers. In addition, she works with multiple landlords throughout Brooklyn helping them to find tenants for their investment properties. Besides existing properties, she works with developers on their under-construction projects in order to bring the properties to market on time.

Before joining The Goldbar Team, Ecaterina worked as a rental agent with Ideal Properties Group. The company is mostly oriente…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Jason Matthews is a local real estate agent in Queens, New York. He was born in the country Jamaica and came to the US when he was 7 years old. Jason is a Residential Real Estate Agent and a proud partner at The Goldbar Real Estate Team, eXp Realty. He joined the Goldbar Real Estate Team specifically to be around individuals that operate at a Gold standard as the baseline and constantly motivate him to be a better version of himself.

Jason represents the Residential & Investment sales division on the team. He specializes in Single Family, Multi-family, Mixed-Use, Condo, Co-Op and Luxury Residential sales.

Before joining The Goldbar Team, Jason worked as a pro…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Aaron Zucker is a realtor in Queens, New York. He specializes in helping first time homebuyers as well as first time investors achieve their dreams of home ownership. Aaron’s first goal is to educate these buyers on the home buying process, free of charge, of course. He calls it a homebuyer consultation. Since there is a pandemic, Aaron hosts the consultations over zoom for everyone’s convenience. They go over the fees involved in the process so there are no surprises later on.

Aaron’s end goal is to help 100 homebuyers this year. What differentiates him from others is his patience with buyers and sellers. Furthermore, the manner in which he organizes every…



Partner | Goldbar Team, Recruiting Manager

Portia Calo serves as the Recruiting Manager for The Goldbar Team. Portia is the first point of contact when a new associate inquires about joining our team. Her main role includes training, onboarding, & managing associates in order to better add value to our clients. Portia not only trains the associates on the team values and principles, but she also ensures that they are experienced in leveraging our in-house technology to better serve the clients we work with.
When not working in real estate, you c…


Partner | Goldbar Team

At a very early age, Ivette witnessed her mom always trying her best to help others. Ivette realized that although she would say otherwise, she wanted to be just like her. Without knowing English and very little education, and a lot of hard work, her mother has built a business that not only contributes and gives back to her community, but continues to help people from different walks of life. Ivette knew then she wanted to be like her mother and she’s sure of it now.

Ivette’s introduction to real estate began in 2006 in the title industry. She went into the business completely unknowledgeable. But, thanks to her employers at the time, Ivette was able to proce…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Andy Moncada is a first-generation American whose parents both came to and met each other in the US after leaving their home countries at 18 years old. His parents had to work very hard to give Andy the life he had growing up and the way they raised him taught him a lot of the core values he carries today.

One of those values is centered around the idea of helping those in daily life around us. There are very few feelings better than genuinely having a positive impact on someone’s life. Andy cherishes the moments he can accomplish that, and he especially loves the feeling of helping others accomplish their real estate goals which is something Andy is grateful t…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Specializing in the sale and lease of properties throughout Long Island and New York City, Steven Pulla brings an unparalleled one-on-one service to each of his clients. Raised in Queens and Long Island, New York. Steven Pulla obtained his Real Estate License shortly after his graduation at Adelphi University and dove headfirst into the world of Real Estate. Since 2018, Steven has continued to increase his sales volume year-after-year.

The key to Steven’s success is simple: a genuine passion and infectious enthusiasm for the Real estate industry. When you combine a charismatic and welcoming individual such as Steven with a true desire to help others accomplish t…



Partner | Goldbar Team

Born and raised in the midwest, Illinois, Mahum Munir received her degree in Biology with a minor in Education. Now residing in New York City, she currently teaches and tutors young children. Shortly after, an opportunity presented itself which allowed her to find her passion for helping others. She came across the network marketing industry and became successful in recruiting, building relationships, and helping others succeed.

She obtained a skincare certification along with a nutrition license and was able to help her clients feel their best. Having this eagerness to assist others, allowed her to discover a new avenue in the real estate profession.




Partner | Goldbar Team

Steven Torres currently resides in Central Florida with his wife. When he was 18 years old, Steven decided to join the Military so he could serve his country. After 6 years of service, he was fortunate enough to move to Florida so that he could explore his passion of working in real estate.

Steven’s interest in real estate was sparked after spending some time in the field with his grandfather, who was a very successful contractor. Steven grew a passion for the business after seeing how dedicated his grandfather was with every single project he took on. His dedication, drive, and service skills are traits Steven has always admired and have made his own. Using his…